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Stacy Naquin is an interior designer from Louisiana who found me on the internet and called me up. I love the modern world. She wanted a dramatic, sophisticated, show stopping business card that expressed her sense of style, which is traditional and slightly edgy all at once. It was fun to work with Stacy on this project because she was so open to exploring things she hadn’t thought of. The resulting card, she told me, was exactly IT, plus something she didn’t expect at all: it was SEXY… When she first handed her new cards to her girlfriends, that was the word that kept coming up. Who knew??? But now that I am looking at it through the camera lens, yes, I do think it’s kind of Oh La La, don’t you?

I designed the monogram SN to demand a second look, a little investigation, the S hiding out in the middle of the N in plain daylight, but somehow also a bit mysterious and not quite there. When we printed the card on 600 gram Lettra paper (our favorite paper as you probably already know), we pressed the black solids on the front, then overprinted the N and all information in silver foil that sparks and gleams in a discreet sort of way — but a discreet bit of bling never hurt anybody.

On the backs, we left room in the center for the inevitable bit of what’s called “bruising” if you press into the paper very much. It’s the monogram in reverse, which we kind of love for its rule-breaking, renegade quality. Most times we want to avoid that, but then we like to break the law once in a while…the edgy part, maybe. We could have eased up on the front impression, but the drama quotient there would have been lowered, so we compromised and ended up embracing the iconoclastic look. The typography on the bottom is pretty quotidian except for a couple of splashes of swoopiness on the numbers, which completely pulls it out of the daily and into something altogether unexpected.



Yes, the answer is yes. We design logos. We print by letterpress. We don’t object at all to printing other people’s designs, and we do that all the time. We can put ink onto paper in a lot of ways, and try to fit your budget with all our experience and knowledge gained over the years.

It’s awfully much fun working up designs that express what people do and are, collaborating with them on the Mark that will represent them. This symbolism called the alphabet, called design, called imagination.


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