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We just finished…mmm… I can only say… “manifesting” Jason Huang and Andrew Chan’s Table4 Photography edgy black business cards. I can’t just say “making” or “printing,” not even “creating,” because those descriptions would discount what happened in terms of the actual alchemy, the back and forth collaboration, the excruciating registration, the painstaking, pure, insane marksmanship, letterpress mastery and problem solving mojo of everyone involved.

The verdict is…”O M G!!!” from Jason.

Then they send me this MOVIEhttp://table4weddings.com/blog/2009/09/18/new-bling/


How cool are photographers allowed to be by law?

OK. So here is what is going on: Black, super-thick (over 1/16″ thick) Museum Mounting Board goes through the Heidelberg Windmill three times: One time for gloss foil for “Table4 Weddings,” so it is just pressed in very deeply with only the shine of the foil, no color, merely the shadow and mystery that can only belong to Huang/Chan. Second time for their names, in turquoise metallic foil. Third time for the actual information, in a sort of not-too-shiny silver foil. That is the letterpress printing part, three foils. Then we have to die cut each one. And then we send them to the edge painters who live far away. This is the coup de gras, the extravaganza of all business-card time. Brilliant turquoise matte ink applied along the edges of each and every card. ACK! It’s too great! See their web site at www.table4weddings.com.


I want to edge paint everything in sight from now on. My business cards, my stationery, the soles of my shoes. May I just tell you that Edge Painting is Rocking my World.

Here are Jason and Andrews own words from their blog:

We just received our gorgeous new custom cards from Zida and Joseph the other day and are soooo excited to share them with you all!

We knew we wanted something unique, cool, letterpressed, and black. We put together a few designs and sent them to Zida, and, since we don’t know the ins/outs of lettepress printing, she responded with ideas of her own. We spent a few weeks going over design and pricing until we ran out of temporary cards (below) and had to act.  We decided our business cards would be something that would set us apart from everyone else, that even if you didn’t like our work, you’d feel bad about throwing it away.  We chose a thicker stock and a non-traditional shape so it would stay on your desk, not in your rolodex (anyone still use those things??)

The cards would be a 3 run project. One run for the blind embossed “Table4 Weddings”, one for our foiled names, and one for the foiled info. We also wanted to experiment with edge painting, which was a little trickier to execute, but Zida made it work somehow. In the end, these are the fanciest cards we have ever owned and now we’re almost too scared to hand them out. Check out the sexy photoshoot we had with the cards below.  Aren’t they yummmyy?  Read about the technical info on her blog here.

Thank you Zida for giving us cards that we want to show off to every person we run into! Now, who wants one???

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