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How Lynette’s Grinch Card Stole Christmas

We are already thinking about Christmas, well, actually, it’s kind of late to even say that. But we have been super swamped and this is the moment I am taking. Here is a previous post to show you last year’s fabulous Holiday offering for our client Lynette, designed by Zoe Bachelor. It is SO incredible. We can do something like this for you too, or something more modest but equally creative. This will help get your creative currents moving. Call soon! We are booking for Christmas cards starting right this minute! 707.964.2522




Studio Z Mendocino designs custom cards for any occasion, pairing a client with one of our two in-house designers so that you can be involved at every stage, from design to production, and the card can say exactly what you mean.


One of our favorite clients, Lynette, of Newport Beach, California, designed her beautiful Christmas card this year with Studio Z’s Zoe Bachelor. The folder was a dark pine green with an iridescent, paler green foil depicting a vintage Christmas scene, a carriage with a top-hatted driver. Tucked inside was a three-panel folder of a lighter green stock, and printed in dark pine green ink was a quote from Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and a reminder that the holiday is about more than just buttons and bows.

A few days ago, we got this note from her assistant: “Lynette LOVES the Christmas card and it has won the prize amongst her friends for the ‘best card of the season. ” So appropriate for the times!”


Over the years Zoe has designed, and Studio Z Mendocino has printed and produced, many invitations to weddings and special events Lynette has planned, and extraordinary Holiday cards for her family that we are very proud of. We are grateful to have been able to work with her and the matchless sense of style, design and attention to detail she brings to each project.

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