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 Script Cards or Buck Slips and matching #10 Envelopes find endless ways to be useful. Plus they are so good looking you will make any excuse to write to people on them. AK’s new  thank you notes/stationery are particularly handsome with her bold logo deeply letterpressed in rich black ink.


Kim Ashford ordered stationery to match her matchless business cards. We posted those a month or so ago. We suggested she get Script Cards (aka “Buck Slips”), which are 4″ x  9″ slim cards that fit right into a #10 business envelope. Buck Slips find favor among movie stars, directors, producers and agents, who use them to paper clip to scripts — “Love-Love” or “Hate-Hate” or whatever they have to say about scripts. But they are inordinately useful in any number of other situations. A thank you note to your latest client, a message accompanying a check, a mash note or what-have-you. The greatest thing is that the envelopes are endlessly useful so you ought to buy more of them and when you decide to get 8.5″ x  11″ stationery, that also will fold into the envelope. So it’s a double duty type thing and you don’t have to buy a special sized envelope for your thank you notes. We use them incessantly here at the shop. When they are printed by letterpress, there is that added flair, the 3-D texture that sets your correspondence apart from the crowd. We like to print your name down at the bottom so you can “slash.” …Slash? Didn’t I tell you about the Art of the Slash yet? Oh, I love it so much. It’s so chic. You just “slash” through your printed moniker and scribble your initials right next to it. Don’t you want to get some too?

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