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I bought my first Heidelberg Windmill from Larry Rafferty. That was back in 1984 as I was getting ready to open my first business, and may I tell you,  I was terrified to open a letterpress print shop, my first foray out into Mondo Entrepreneurial. Larry had a long history with letterpress, broadsides, publishing, among many other things and he introduced me to all the old guys in San Francisco who knew anything about letterpress, who bought and sold lead type, who fixed equipment, sold paper and ink, and basically showed me the ropes. It was a gnarly world that, as one who “enjoys being a girl,” I somehow managed to fit into with so much joy and craziness that it kind of shocks me to look back on it now. Larry introduced me to the extreme type and equipment horsetrader, Jim Heagy, who in those raer less PC times, gave me a 10% discount “for being cute.” Hey, 10% is 10%.

Recently, Larry moved to a new house and studio, and he asked me to design a new logo and do up some new stationery and business cards for his online business, Larry’s Books & Autographs, www.mrbebop.com. Because he was having a new web site built, he also asked me to put in my two bits on his home page too. I said, “Larry, I want to do something modern and clean for you.” So I did. It’s Orange and Black and very, very chic. I recommend you go see Larry’s web site. He has the most amazing collections of music, autographs and books.

I just want to say Thank You, Larry, for all your help and encouragement for these last 25 years. I loved doing your new stationery. It looks great, don’t you think?

We used 600 gram Cranes Lettra for his business cards, and also made up stationery, #10 envelopes, mailing labels and 4″x 9″ script cards, all on Cranes Flourescent White papers.


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