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We just finished up Pam Amante’s reprint on her business cards. It’s people like Pam who keep printers in business. She passes them out wherever she goes, and she goes to lots of places where lots of people who like to travel go. She passes out so many cards that we had to replenish the supply! Most recently, she visited a convention of 25,000 travelers, all potential guests for her place On the Beach, here in Fort Bragg, CA. She told me this great thing that corroborates everything I have always believed about good design and typography. She told me that she had a lot of rack cards and other materials out on a table at the booth she was working in and noticed that people gravitated to the prettiest rack cards and took those, leaving the less gorgeous ones where they lay. I suppose it should not come as a big surprise but I loved to hear it…especially that the rack cards that flew off the table most quickly were The Beachcomber Motel’s, which we designed here at Studio Z Mendocino. Here is another view of The Beachcomber Motel business cards:


We love the gleam of truquoise foil that hints at the sweep of waves you can spy right from one of the decks of Pam’s perfectly located lodging place. We deeply impressed the type into her cards by letterpress in gray ink (sort of sand colored gray) and overprinted her “swoosh” in the blue-green metallic foil, on thick white paper. We think these “little ambassadors” speak volumes about the fun atmosphere, the nearness of the beach, the comfy vibe you will find there. This is the essence of what we do, creating a visual mood that expresses what a business wants to say about itself. Yay for the power of letterpress!

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