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Dear World,

We are proud to have made this invitation for Myra Beals and Ida Matson, who have been together for 32 priceless years. They are finally getting hitched in a huge community event that will include just about everyone on the Mendocino Coast, plus more. They are amazing women, wonderful, powerful, committed, and we at Studio Z Mendocino are honored to have been chosen to participate in their marriage by creating these extravaganza wedding invitations. We used a rich bronze metallic paper with copper foil initials — M & I — on the locking tab. The invitation itself was printed, in plum colored ink, on a thick, fluffy paper, which we attached to the inside panel. We used a chayote green envelope. Everything was printed in plum ink. This was a nod to “rainbow” colors without being too literal. Myra and Ida are very happy with the result and told us that many guests are calling up with compliments on the invitations’ fabulosity. Yay!

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Letterpress printing is a type of printing that has its beginnings in the 1450s, with Gutenberg’s world changing invention of movable type. As you may surmise, techniques have been modernized over the centuries, but the amazing look is the same today as it was then: a deep impression into soft, thick paper makes a “pillowing” effect around each letter and image. The distinctiveness of this “third dimension” in printing brings an intriguing beauty to every printed piece that can’t be duplicated by any other method. It, combined with excellent design and typography, draws wonderment from the recipient of each card or invitation. “Why does it look this way?” is most often the question asked. Our aim is always to elicit that response for your work or project or party or wedding.

By giving out a letterpress printed business card, the potential client looks more closely, touches the sculptural effect, thinks about the type of person who gives it out. By itself, it is a business builder, expressing your attention to detail and aesthetics. Letterpress is famous for a more spare look, serene and classical, even when used on a very contemporary design.

Modern design sensibilities married to the venerable art of letterpress printing techniques allows Studio Z to turn your dream into something you can mail or hand out with pride & excitement. Using our many years of experience, and rather remarkable intuition (some of our clients think we’re positively psychic) we work closely with you to express in your printed materials your style, intention, & to stay within your budget.

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