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Today I am gathering up a lot of Wedding Invitation samples to send down to a mother of the bride and a mother of the groom in Trinidad Tobago! This is extremely amazing to me because my mother was from Trinidad and I have been to Trinidad Tobago, and how can it even BE that two women from so far off have found me here in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, California? How? Because ten years ago or so, Departures Magazine did an article about me and my shop that one of the moms saved all this time. Their kids are getting married and she knew where to find the reference. Inspirational organizationing abilities, no? It’s so wonderful to hear the Trinidadian accent I grew up with, and the warmth and charm the Islands infuse into their inhabitants. I have to go downstairs and find a bunch of the most yummy invitations we ever made here at Studio Z Mendocino RIGHT NOW!!!

Going through my archives of hundreds and hundreds of wedding invitations we have done over the last few years makes me very happy. Each one expresses a certain personality — the bride and groom who love each other enough to make this brave, joyous trip down the aisle — and I get to participate, interpreting that desire to invite everyone in their lives who ever loved them. This is the thing I love most about this work…I know for sure I am in the business of communication, celebration, relationship and love. Big kiss, Zida

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